Paris Attacks

Another ordinary Friday night that ended in tragedy. For the second time this year Paris experienced a terrorist attack - the biggest since the Second World War. Six places were attacked, not so far from where Charlie Hebdo is located and also close to the Place de la Republique, where the big demonstration after the Charlie Hebdo attacks started and was joined by many world leaders.

The area is really central, the 10th and 11th neighborhoods have a lot of restaurants and bars, where normally young Parisians are going out, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. I was supposed to be there also that night, but I refused the invitation, and by luck none of my friends went out. We were all at home when the attacks happened.

This was not an attack against freedom of speech, it was an attack to a lifestyle followed mostly by young people. People were out as always, watching their football matches, enjoying their meals, dancing to their favorite music, drinking their glasses of wine, when suddenly shotguns were heard in many places and the result was: 127 killed, 180 injured.

We think that we are safe but then these things happen to show us that there is no safe place. Everything can happen when you least expect it. Paris is shocked, the world is shocked, but this is a normal day in Syria or in another part of the world where there is war, and we do not react in the same way.

An attack in the west has bigger repercussions than an attack in the middle east - just compare the last bombing attack in Beirut on Thursday night, were almost 50 people died and 250 were wounded. The media do not talk about it as they are talking now about the Paris attacks.

The problem is the same: Terrorism. West and East, North and South, must be worried about this - terrorism has no borders, terrorism has no religion.

The French President said on Saturday morning that this was an act of war, the Islamic State is appointed as responsible for these attacks. Many world leaders condemned the attacks, and they said that they will put more efforts in order to stop terrorism.

A State of Emergency was declared in France, and the Schengen agreement was suspended. The control of the borders was already planned for the COP21, the environment conference that will be held in Paris and will receive many world personalities. Three days of national mourning were also declared and all the public institutions will be closed in the region of Paris. The French army will also be placed in the main point of Paris.

My thoughts are with the ones that lost their friends, their relatives, their lovers in all the terrorist attacks that have happened. We need a better world for all.

#StayStrong #PrayforParis #PrayforBeirut #iRespectYou