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Europe's first European Citizens Initiative - Fraternité2020 aims to increase the funding and focus on European exchange programs such as Erasmus and the European Voluntary Service.

The EUs new effort in addressing its democratic deficiency: European Citizens´ Initiatives

The very first ECI is Fraternité2020 which highlights the importance of Erasmus type exchanges programs for Europe

by Ivan Botoucharov on

What is YOUR personal reason for believing in Europe?

Why do we need Europe?

"A globalized economy needs globalized politics that brings the power back to the elected governments - back to its people."

by Fabian Sperka on

One or two things from Eurosceptic land

One or two things from Eurosceptic land

"They call themselves Eurosceptic and their British idol is Nigel Farage."

by Sofi Couvot on

In supporting the idea of ​​solidarity and stability, the European Federalist Party launched a campaign called "We are all Greeks" in order to bring Europeans closer at this turning point we face

One for all and all for one!

The European Federalist Party launched an initiative to bring the European citizens closer.

by Tareq Hajaj on

An anti-smoking campaign in Brussels.

Behind the smoke!

What procedures did the EU make to reduce the someking rates between it’s citizens?

by Alexander Nadim on

EU money is spent on different projects and problems.

Money comes, money goes!

Where does the European budget come from?

by Alexander Nadim on

Polish Members of Parliament Protest against ACTA

ACTA Protests

“Government of the People, by the Lobby Groups, for the Corporations”

by Paul Haydon on

Why I oppose inflationary policies

Why I oppose inflationary policies

by Protesilaos Stavrou on