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Erasmus - No Need for Translation

Most people in Europe born in the 90s and onwards have heard of it. Its popularity lies upon the numerous stories told by the millions of young folks that have participated. It is considered a must for young –and not only- students across the continent. It is also a fundamental element in the European Union’s agenda for education and culture for its citizens.

by Natasha Papathanasiou on

EU Bathing Water Quality Report

EU Bathing Water Quality Report

High-quality Waters


Different paths towards the same goal – the migration issue

Different paths towards the same goal – the migration issue

Is the new European Agenda on migration a solution to the EU´s problems?

by Ana Oliveira on

Eurozone Crisis Timeline

Infographic: Eurocrisis Timeline

The European Union experienced its greatest crisis, whose effect is still being felt.


This infographic about alcohol consumption in Europe has been done by Jakub Marian (

Alcohol Consumption in Europe

Eastern Europeans drink a lot...


The directors of OneEurope: Cherian, Hannah and Ivan

OneEurope: Behind the Scenes

What started in 2011 as a small Facebook group, has grown into a pan-European media. Today OneEurope has hundreds of active volunteers and tens of thousands of regular readers. In May 2015 OneEurope met in Berlin to discuss strategies and to plan for the future.

by Mirea Cartabbia on

The Erasmus Programme will soon be glorified into a TV series.

"Erasmus Generation" - The Series!

The Erasmus Programme is the subject of a new TV Series and it is all based on YOUR stories.

by Ivan Botoucharov on

The State of Play

The State of Play

A Brave New World on Europe's Eastern Border


Protester holding a sign

Macedonians are in the streets protesting

The latest developments in the Macedonian crisis

by Fábio Lopes Paulos on

World tourism in figures

Key Tourism Statistics

Tourism as a development opportunity


Reaching out to our troubled neighbours

Securing the EU’s Neighbourhood and building Peace on our Borders

Europe standing up and taking it's position as a true Guardian of the Peace

by Robert Heslop on

Europeans are "Google-ing" these products most of all.

The Most Googled European Products

Top Google Results in European Countries


Inspiring Migrant Woman Conference

‘Inspiring Migrant Woman Conference’

We all have a story worth telling, and each of us is a storyteller. Powerful stories told by migrant women to inspire and pursue your dreams, craft your future, and love your life.

by Kinga Natalia Kuchta on

"The modern notion of democracy is substantially more participatory."

The Wind of Change

Can Europe respond to the changing needs of her people?

by Peter Josika on

Adressing Macroeconomic Imbalances

Adressing Macroeconomic Imbalances

European Economy Explained


Deadly voyage

EU promises action on the Mediterranean migrant crisis

Last month, the EU reported that more than 800 people died between Libya and the Italian island of Lampedusa. So far in 2015 more than 1,600 lives have been lost in the sea, according to data from the European Parliament. The drama has put pressure on MEPs to act.

by Cristina Casabón on

This infographic about obesity has been made by Jakub Marian (

Percentage of Obese People in Europe

Turkey and Andorra have the highest percentage of obese people in Europe


Scotland's constituencies and their election results

How Scotland Became Yellow

An overview of the momentous SNP victory in Scotland

by Tanya Zhekova on

The World Leaders on Twitter

Infographic: World Leaders who Rock Twitter

The most followed politicians on Twitter


A Rich Palette of Ideas

A Rich Palette of Ideas

Charlemagne Youth Prize


A woman giving a flower to a police officer during the protests.

This is happening in Macedonia, but no one is talking about it

Find out what has been happening in Macedonia in the last few months

by Fábio Lopes Paulos on

The slow erosion of European integration?

The UK General Election and its Repercussions

The Seismic shift in British politics following the UK general election

by Jakub Ciesielczuk on

The European Growth Strategy for Central Europe

Europe 2020 - The EU's Growth Strategy

The European Union's Growth Strategy for Central Europe


Europe in 1817

Europe according to Italy in 1817

Satirical map of Europe from 19th century


Your words have power use them wisely

Bullying. How to prevent it?

On October 10, 2014, a 16-year old boy from Voorburg in the Netherlands stabbed his 15-year old classmate in the neck. It turned out that the 16-year old boy had been bullied for years and decided to take matters in his own hand. The accident took place at school. The same school who knew the boy was being taunted. One out of ten boys in Europe reports being bullied at school. Bullying is still a big problem in Europe. What can we do about it?

by Bella Felix on

Halfway through

Halfway through

European Year for Development 2015


Roadmap of Initiatives

Roadmap of Initiatives

Digital Single Market


Europe's happiest countries

The Happiest Countries in Europe

Some countries on this list might surprise you...


European map

The European Integration of the Western Balkans: Where we are now

65 years after the Schuman Declaration, most of the Balkans are still waiting for their EU memberships to be approved. The process is slow and full of obstacles in terms of reforms and shifts in policies, making it almost impossible for candidates to be a part of the European family before 2019/2020.

by Klaudjo Kavaja on

16 Initiatives to Make It Happen

16 Initiatives to Make It Happen

A Digital Single Market for Europe