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This infographic about number of colonies of European countries has been made by Jakub Marian (

Number of Colonies of European Countries in History

The UK has been the European country with the highest number of colonies


Elections in Turkey

Turkish Elections 2015

The news has thus far been packed with election news from many member states of the European Union. To name but a few: there were recently elections in Greece which saw Tsipras and Syriza take power, in the UK the Conservatives surprised many by winning a majority, and the local Spanish elections have also made the headlines due to the rise in new parties such as the Ciudadanos and Podemos, which have shaken the current ruling axis, it shows that the people of Spain are far from content with the status quo.

by Jorge Jesus on

OneEurope is greeting 1000 followers on Google+

OneEurope reached 1000 followers on Google+!

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The British EU Referendum will define the future of the UK and of the European Union.

Campaign to keep the UK in the EU

If you think the UK is better off in the EU, check out "Remain Great, Remain In".

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The Best Public WiFi

Infographic: Lithuania - a WiFi Paradise

European countries are leading in the quality of public WiFi


The Story of Human Rights

The Story of Human Rights

Natural Law


The legalisation of same sex marriage in Ireland

The legalisation of same sex marriage in Ireland

Same sex couples are now allowed to marry in Ireland

by Christos Mouzeviris on

World Environment Day aims to raise awareness of unsustainable consumption.

Infographic: World Environment Day

World Environment Day 2015 by the United Nations


European Map of Stereotypes

What happened to the English Gentlemen?

European stereotypes: drunk Brits are everywhere


George had low expectations of Berlin, but ultimately fell in love with the city and its people.

Berlin - The City of Memories

Germany's capital is a shining example of how preserving the memories and experiences of the past can help build a better future.

by George Chatzelenis on

Am I already in debt, too?

Am I already in debt, too?

Public Debt


Europe's speed limits and other road regulations

Guide to Driving Around Europe

Speed limits across Europe and other essential rules


first mosque in the Netherlands was opened on the 9th of Decemeber 1955 in the Hague

The construction of new mosques creates friction in the Netherlands

In Assendelft, the Netherlands, a group of Muslims wants to build a mosque. This fact generates friction between the residents and the organisation that wants to build it. Locals are alarmed by possible nuisance, inadequate funding, depreciation of their houses and a lot more. They are scared by Islamic extremism and don’t want anything to do with this house of prayer. Potential mosque in Assendelft is not the only one causing problems and disagreement in the country. In ten municipalities the construction of these buildings encounters opposition by local residents. Why are the Dutch so afraid?

by Bella Felix on

Europe, Immigration and (the lack of) Debate

One challenge, two sides and zero solutions

by António Saraiva Lima on

German speaking communities in Europe

German spoken as a first language in Europe

German is the mother tongue of millions of people throughout Europe.


Do we need EU rules on maternity leave?

Do we need EU rules on maternity leave?

A Better Deal for Families


EU Funding for Research

Infographic: The EU supported International Cooperation in Research

European Union funding for Research and Innovation


The Mediterranean Migration Crisis

Infographic: Europeans Divided on Helping Mediterranean Migrants

Italy rescued 4,200 boat migrants in the Mediterranean in just 24 hours on Friday 29 May during 22 separate operations carried out by naval vessels and merchant ships.


Top European Cartoon Characters

Infographic: The Most Well-Known European Cartoon Characters

Who is your favourite?


The flags of Israel and Palestine

European Union Membership - a potential peace tool?

Can the European Union use the membership carrot to bring peace in the Middle East, especially in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

by James Bailey on

The percentage of McDonald's in Europe

The percentage of McDonald’s Outlets in Europe by country

Number of McDonald's outlets per 1.000.000 inhabitants


The Dark Hedges of County Antrim

European Countries: Spectacular Filming Locations for Game of Thrones

Fans of the TV series, eager to see where it is filmed, are contributing to an increase in the number of visitors to Northern Ireland and Croatia.

by Susana Santos Faria on

The Lost City of Pompeii

The Lost City of Pompeii

Buried History and Civilisation


Louvre Museum, an unmissable landmark of Paris

Discovering Paris on an Erasmus Scholarship

A former Erasmus student gives a personal account of how she fell in love with the City of Lights.

by Dr. Loredana Patrutiu-Baltes on

World No Tobacco Day Infographic

Infographic: Why is it important to QUIT SMOKING?

World No Tobacco Day - 31 May


Szimpla kert

Ruin Pubs of Budapest - Where Time Stops

An exploration of a quite particular attraction in the capital of Hungary

by Olga Petrova on

Train fares across Europe

Infographic: Train Fares around Europe

Is travelling by train in Europe affordable?


European Union Visitors Programme

European Union Visitors Programme

40th Anniversary


Top Four Languages Studied in Europe

Top Four Languages Studied in Europe

The Most Commonly Studied Languages in Secondary Schools


Religion in the 21st century.

People with no religion in 2050

Religiousness will change in parts of the world, but religion will still remain very important according to this map.