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Cameron is confident that the British people want to remain in the European Union. Source: Business for New Europe.

Cameron supports the EU membership

The Prime Minister is confident that the people want to remain in the European Union.


Refugee Women

Women, the Most Vulnerable of All Refugees

OneEurope guest contributor Natasha Xagorari explains why refugee women are particularly vulnerable to violence and abuse even as they make their journey into safer countries.

by Natasha Xagorari on

no to xenophobia

Xenophobia in Europe: Analysis and Solutions

The refugee crisis that has taken a hold of Europe is one of the biggest tests that this union of nations has faced thus far, and the way in which it responds to it will very much determine the future development of the European Union. Much hangs in the balance, and solutions must be taken quickly and responsibly.

by Jorge Jesus on

Cooperation between China and Italy

Cooperation between Italy and China

In his recent contribution for OneEurope, Andrea Bonnetti interviewed Mr. Ugo PAPI, Head of the Asian relations with political parties of the Italian biggest party: Democratic Party (PD), about the cooperation between Italy and China.

by Andrea Bonetti on

Protest against water charges in Ireland

Protest against water charges in Ireland

For the past five years the attention of the economic crisis in Europe, was focused on Greece. Every development, strike, protest, fault or scandal was reported by most major media organizations in the continent.

by Christos Mouzeviris on

Infographic: Syrian Refugees by Country

Infographic: Syrian Refugees by Country

Syrian Refugees as a Percentage of Population


Students contribute to the UK economy. Source: Universities UK

International students are good for the UK economy

Students from abroad contribute significant amounts to the UK economy every year.


Creating a European Identity

How can we create a true European Identity?

Exploring the factors that determine people to identify themselves as European citizens

by OneEurope on

EU Budget 2016

EU Budget 2016

How much is at stake?


How often does the UK win cases in the European Court of Human Rights. Source: RightsInfo

The European Court of Human Rights and the UK

Correcting claims about cases against the United Kingdom at the European Court of Human Rights.


Top European Universities as ranked by Times Higher Education 2014-2015

Top European Universities as ranked by Times Higher Education

According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2014-2015, the University of Oxford is the best in Europe.


The European Commission Priorities

The European Commission Priorities

Juncker Commission's 10 Priorities


Polish RAF No. 303 Squadron

Remembering the Battle of Britain

On this historic day we remember all those that fought and why we must remain united in Europe

by Gareth Bell on

Culinary map of Europe according to Italy

How Italians see the culinary map of Europe

Italy is famous for its excellent cuisine.


Percentage of immigrants in European countries

Percentage of immigrants in Europe

The numbers might not be as 'scary' as some would expect


What the Norwegian model means as an alternative for the United Kindom (Source: British Influence)

Norwegian model for the United Kingdom?

How would the Norwegian model in the EU work for the United Kingdom



List of Stereotypes of France and Frenchmen Seen from Abroad


Education and Literacy: Proof of Belarus' Bright Future

Education and Literacy: Proof of Belarus' Bright Future

OneEurope author Lusine Sargsyan provides an overview of the education system in Belarus.

by Lusine Sargsyan on

Graphic visualising the response, when British people were asked to finish the sentence: "The UK's closest ties should be to..." (results in %).

No Country is an Island

What is the British identity and how can it relate to the European Union? Being geographically part and at the same time separated from the continent, it may be stated that Britain maintained quite a detached attitude towards it due to its island identity.

by Irina Suchkova on

A paramilitary police officer carries the lifeless body of Aylan Kurdi, 3, who died after boats carrying desperate Syrian migrants to the Greek island of Kos capsized, near Bodrum, Turkey.

Chaos and Shame in Europe – The Results of the Refugee Crisis

For months, refugees have desperately tried to enter Europe, escaping from violence in their home countries and in search of safety in Europe. For months, some EU member states have done everything possible to keep refugees out of their countries, doing everything to not fulfil their obligations as members of the Union.

by Oliver Krumme on

Online shoppers around the world

Infographic: Online Shopping Around the World

How much do your fellow citizens spend on online shopping?


Crisis ahead

Is public investment the cure for the Greek economic crisis?

Many people think that the best way to tackle the Greek crisis is to cut public expenses, the income of senior citizens and the income of people working in the public sector. However, a more appropriate approach would be to have large investments made with public money and funding from the European Union.

by Athanasios Vasilopoulos on

How to Deal with Migration

How to Deal with Migration

State of the Union


Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission President, in Strasbourg this week.

Juncker: EU is better with Britain

Juncker addressed Brexit on his State of the European Union Speech this week.


KCL Politics Society

King's College London Politics Society

Discussing the activities of one of the most active student societies of King's College London

by Robert Heslop on

Infographic: The Great Syrian Escape

Infographic: The Great Syrian Escape

Where Syrians Come From And Where Do They Go To?


The Barcaccia fountain in Rome was vandalized

Football Hooliganism throughout Europe

Football hooliganism remains an issue for Europe, as recently demonstrated by the violence and destruction caused by Dutch fans at a football match in Rome.

by Bella Felix on

The impact of Brexit in European Union

The impact of Brexit in European Union

Brexit would affect other European countries as well


A Forest Strategy for the EU

Europe's Forests


British Prime Minister David Cameron

Mr Cameron, dare you catch the train to Brussels? You might find unexpected allies.

OneEurope contributor Rob Heslop argues that British PM David Cameron should accept Guy Verhofstadt's invitation to address the European Parliament on his proposals for EU reform.

by Robert Heslop on