Outbreak of Violent Protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina

An outbreak of violent protests and demonstrations have swept the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina this week.
They started in the northern city of Tuzla, due to the closure of factories that provided most of the employment in the city. However, the demonstrations spread rapidly throughout the country, fueled by the peoples frustration with spiraling unemployment, poverty and corruption. 

The protests in Tuzla became violent causing a backlash between the enraged factory employees and the local police force, which has been using teargas in order to fend off the protesters. Anyone refusing to clear the area has been beaten up and arrested. The workers in Tuzla received support from other local towns and cities due to the nationwide dissatisfaction towards the government, which has not been able to find a viable solution to the soaring unemployment and corruption. Initially starting off as a protest against closing factories and losing jobs, the protests have turned into full scale anti-government demonstrations. It has been reported that 130 people have been injured.

The spirit of the protests happening in Tuzla rapidly spread throughout the country, and ultimately to the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo. The protests there have turned for the worse throughout the 7th of February, as it has recently been reported that a section of the presidential building has been set on fire and the police have responded by using colossal amounts of teargas. The protesters have surrounded the presidential building, they've taken the national flag down and destroyed the main entrance. According to Televizija Sarajevo many firefighters are now stuck inside the presidential building. It has been reported that 26 policemen and 6 demonstrators have been hurt.

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It seems that the situation is escalating by the hour. With a staggering 27.5% of the population unemployed, Bosnia and Herzegovina has the highest rate of unemployment in the Balkans. 

The citizens have reached their tipping point after years of stagnation and lack of results in reducing unemployment and tackling corruption.

It seems the people of Europe, from Ukraine to Bosnia, are taking action and making a stand against their ineffective governments. Years of largely futile policies, as well as broken promises, have finally reached the boiling point of the European citizens.

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