Opinion: Europe is passing over for “the dark side of the force” http://www.activistpost.com/2016/01/origins-of-the-eu-usa-covert-operations-to-assimilate-europe-into-a-federal-state.html
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I have always been a keen believer of the saying that overly ambitious people tend to pummel those who actually want to make something good and that the only way to keep us from falling into the category of over-ambition is to cherish our beliefs and principles that have lasted through the ages.

Having been born in Greece I have had my share of politicians being held back by the vast stupidity and ambition of others. Thus crucial decisions that would otherwise help my dear country were shoved away by decisions that actually destroyed everything in their path. Whether these were decisions about the economic crisis or problems about internal affairs, such as education and health issues, our governments failed to overcome their “greedy” ambitions. But nowadays even this government that is now in charge for about a year and a half in Greece does not surprise me with its continuous idiotic nature and “way of doing things”. What surprised me most though is the means by which they tried to solve the refugee problem where hundreds of human lives are being lost in an effort of nothingness, but the most astonishing thing is the stance of the European Union in all this.

The way Europe handles things actually makes me wonder whether or not we have lost our sense of human kindness and are being dragged in a cave of solidarity away from our basic principles. For example, that is exactly the way European countries deal with the terrorist attacks. Almost every country in the European Union from the newest one-being Croatia, which entered in 2012-to, the oldest one-being Belgium, dating back to 1958, closes its borders so as to protect itself from the potential threat of a terrorist attack and also to limit the refugees who enter their borders. And since that was not enough, the European leaders seem to be having a difficulty to work together as a whole and as an actual Union. Instead of this they keep “attacking” each other. As time passes terrorists from ISIS keep on planning their next moves and getting one step closer to their goal which is the destabilization of Europe.

Furthermore in regards to the vast numbers of refugees that are going through terrible situations such as being separated from their families, some of them mourning kids and other family members or even die themselves all in hope of a better life away from civil wars, death and poverty. In my opinion, a way must be found so as to help them, a way not based on our state’s economic interest but based on human rights and dignity. Since the numbers of the “far-right” political parties seems to raise dramatically it is crucial to understand the importance of helping one another in times of need because in the end we are all humans and since Europe has not had an internal war-like situation for years it falls into its responsibility to be an example of cooperation and humanism.

I would like to close this article with a phrase taken from Winston Churchill’s speech in the University of Zurich , 1946 : « There is a remedy which ... could in a few years make all Europe ... free and... happy and this remedy is to create a European family again , to the extent that we can, and give a structure capable of ensuring peace , security and freedom..». I quoted this phrase, because I believe that the only way to stop taking decisions that cost more and more lives, is to hold on the very last threads of what used to keep the European States together or else the Union will be just a 50-year break from hostility in Europe.