OneEurope: Behind the Scenes Mirea Cartabbia
The directors of OneEurope: Cherian, Hannah and Ivan

These are definitely not the best of times for Europe. Protests against governments are spreading across the continent, young people struggle to find jobs, extremist parties seem to be growing stronger every day. Despite all the gloom, there is a group of people who really believe in the European dream and who work hard every day to build and develop a common sense of European identity through the publication of articles, infographics and videos, without any financial support from any public institutions and without huge slogans. This can be the description of OneEurope in a few words.

The OneEurope project started in 2011 as a Facebook Group. Some friends decided to create a space where they could talk freely about Europe, and what’s easier today than a social media platform, especially when the people live far away from each other? The initiative gradually became bigger and bigger, and today OneEurope is a huge platform that shares with people from all over the world news from Europe and articles about all things European.  

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As soon as the website became more popular, the number of contributors and supporters also increased and the idea of organising a meeting was a natural step for the network: what is more natural than deciding to meet in person the people with whom you have worked for months or in some case years?

The latest OneEurope meeting happened in Berlin. It’s difficult to define the city as the capital of Germany. Berlin is somehow the contemporary centre of Europe. It is the city of the Night Life, because some of the most famous clubs in Europe, and not only, such as the Berghain, are here; it’s the city of the artists: galleries and other kind of performances are held all over the city; but at the same time it’s a city where you can feel a (painful) history through the streets. You may find pieces of the Berlin wall spread in the city or stumble upon one of the Stolpersteine, gold stones with the name of the Jews that lived in the same street and were deported during the Nazi period.

Here in Berlin, between a beer and a Turkish Döner, between a sightseeing tour and a walk, we have talked about many different topics, some of them concerning OneEurope directly, some concerning just Europe itself and some just about life. We all come from different countries, have different cultures and traditions, even different languages, but above all we are all human, and the meeting gave us the possibility to build new friendships with interesting and stimulating people. 


Despite all the differences, we all have something in common: a European identity. Nobody knows what this really means because everything about Europe is questionable: the borders, the communication problems, the rivalries between different nations, the power of the banks and so on. But we share a feeling of unity and peace that we can reach only if we stay together.

The people of OneEurope believe in the European dream and everyday work with all their energy and ethusiasm to achieve this vision for Europe.

There are many ways to contribute to OneEurope, whatever your interests and however much time you have: