OneEurope UK Meeting at the Houses of Parliament e-architect
United Kingdom Houses of Parliment

The OneEurope UK team recently had the incredible opportunity to have a meeting at the Houses of Parliament. We met with an aide to a Senior Conservative MP and the President of the LSE Politics Society to discuss how we can work together and achieve a YES in the referendum campaign to ensure the continuation of the UK's membership within the EU.

The extremely useful and insightful meeting has given us direct access to all LSE Political society events where we will spread the word and do some direct recruiting for this crucial campaign. For far too long the anti-EU side have been allowed to dictate the narrative and dominate the argument on the UK's membership of the EU. The One Europe UK's campaign for the remain vote is gathering great momentum, but we still need your help. 

Now is the time, there is no time to lose, it's time to stand up for what we know is right and keep the great Union of Europe together. 

Please get in touch with us at  to join the fight to keep the UK at the centre of power in Europe.