No Hate Speech Movement No Hate Speech Movement

Hate speech is becoming more and more widespread and endangers democratic values, European and human rights principles. It is attributable in part to the growth of the level of communication via online platforms.

The No Hate Speech Movement is an online youth campaign. It is a project of the Council of Europe (an older and completely separate organization to the European Council, or any other EU Institution - It was founded in 1949, has 47 member states with some 800 million citizens, and among other things has created the European Court of Human Rights, as well as the European Flag, which was later borrowed by the EU) for the period 2013-2014, with the aim to tackle discrimination and racism, especially the so called "hate speech" and its online presence. One of the key elements of the campaign is the purpose of enhancing youth and organizational movements to act against such infringements of human rights. 


On the 22nd of March, following the International Day for the Elimination of Racist Discrimination, the Council of Europe officially launched the website of the movement.
This is a type of social platform, where the youth are enabled to publish content regarding the issue, while they are at the same time able to discuss their ideas and express their feelings about it. The values represented by the campaign and the appropriate way of publishing, respecting the principles of No Hate Speech will be scrutinized by moderators. 

The official opening ceremony for the campaign launch was held on the same day in which the webpage was opened for public, on the 22nd of March, from 10.00 AM. The event could be followed online.


For the realization of the program, in the member states of the CoE (Council of Europe), special committees are being established for the coordination of the domestic campaign, adjusting it to the nationally occurring forms of hate speech. The structure of these committees might vary from country to country depending upon the home decision, considering what could be more effective for the given nation to attain the determined results.
For instance, in Hungary, a body consisting of members of youth and civil right protection organizations was set up on the 18th of March, which, with the support and collaboration of the Ministry of Human Resources, will be active in the involvement of the youth in the program and in mitigating online hate speech via different methods. 

You can also join the movement, and be part of the European collaboration to combat hate. 

"Hate me. Hate me? No hate"

(Based on the Hungarian article at and on the official information of the CoE campaign)