Nicosia - The Last Divided Capital Leonidas Asimakopoulos
Nicosia - A Walled City

Since the fall of the Wall of Berlin on November 9, 1989 Nicosia is the last capital in the world which remains divided.
The Green Line" separates the Cypriot capital of Nicosia into two sectors. UN troops oversee security on the border dividing the internationally recognised Greek Cypriot republic in the south from the Turkish-backed statelet to the north.

Nicosia Ledra Crossing.pngIt is time for Nicosia, Λευκωσία, Lefkoşa (no matter in which language you would like to call it) to be reunited. It is unacceptable that people should cross military checkpoints just to walk down the street or visit another place in the city. Ledra Street Checkpoint has helped a lot people from different communities to visit the other part of the city on foot instead of going through the Ledra Palace Checkpoint. On 3 April 2008 at 9 a.m. local time, the Ledra Street roadblock crossing through the UN buffer zone was reopened after 34 years, in the presence of Greek and Turkish Cypriot officials who cut a ribbon in Kykkou street, the road between Ledra Street and what is known as Lokmaci point in the Turkish controlled part of Nicosia. Addressing the ceremony, Presidential Commissioner George Iacovou said this day is "an auspicious occasion" as it signals the opening of the fifth crossing point in Cyprus. Immediately afterwards, citizens from both sides began using the crossing.

Nicosia Bicycle.pngThe ongoing talks and the efforts for reunifying Cyprus which took place in 2015 and continue in 2016 will hopefully lead to peace. Both sides seem more ready than ever to agree on a mutually accepted solution of the dispute. The referendum has been initially planned to take place within March 2016 and is up to the leaders to decide the exact time it will be held. These photos were taken by me in the north sector of Nicosia, Cyprus in October 2015. Hopefully Nicosia and Cyprus will be reunited and Nicosia will thrive as one city. 

Nicosia Panorama.png      

Panorama Across Nicosia

Nicosia Turkish Bank.pngTurkish Bank in Nicosia (above) and Nicosia Turkish Supreme Court.png The Supreme Court in the Turkish part of Nicosia (below)Nicosia Wall Abandoned.png

One of the many walls dividing Nicosia, with abandoned buildings between the two parts of the city.