My name is Greece

Dear Visitors and Readers,

My name is Greece. My history dates back over a millennium before Christ. My home is surrounded by the Mediterranean, Aegean, Ionian and Cretan Seas. Over many years, innumerable people have spoken of me and declared their love for me. They still come, every year from every corner of the Earth, to see my beauty and listen to my music- to feel my energy.

In this letter, I would like to thank you again this year for the auspicious respect to my home. I would also like to seize the opportunity to emphasize that visiting me is a matter of happiness for me and my people. It is true that, in recent years, I have faced a wide variety of problems and have found myself influenced by many domestic and foreign situations. Taking into consideration the negotiations about my debt in the recent Eurogroup, my role in the Cypriot problem, the impacts of Euroscepticism and the problem with Turkish aggressive policy in the Aegean Sea, I am here to offer you the warmest hospitality for this summer to make it better from the last.

First, I offer you the possibility to choose between forest or sea landscape for your vacations. Even though many people adore my sea and my islands I have a lot of to do in a forest village for summer. A great choice for excursions into nature is Pelion where you can combine sea and forest, fish and meat, or swimming and mountain-walking. Also, my center, Athens, is a place you can visit for a summer of culture and education- thousands of people choose Athens for its Acropolis. The wide variety of museums and ancient sightseeing such as Roman Agora, Acropolis Museum and the rock of Acropolis on its own can make your summer not only amusing but also educational and inspiring. I also have to mention that a summer afternoon walk in Plaka or Thisseio is totally worth it for feeling the vibes of Greek civilization and History.

To continue, the majority of my visitors come to my home to visit my many islands. I have the Ionian islands, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the islands of the Northeast Aegean Sea, the Sporades, the islands of Argosaronikos and the biggest ones Crete and Evia.

Let’s start with the Ionians- Kefalonia, Corfu, Zakynthos, Lackaday, Ithaca and Kithira. Located on the West of my home, near Italy, you can enjoy the crystal waters of the Ionian Sea.  You can see the shipwreck of Zakynthos, live to the peace rhythms of Ithaca, and explore the island of Corfu where Princess Sissi of Austria grew up (the art-filled palace in which she lived, Achilleion, still stands). It is true that many centuries ago the Ionian Islands were occupied by Venetians so these Islands offer you the opportunity to see the architectural influence of that era.

However, it is the Cyclades- my precious gems of Santorini, Mykonos and Tines- that are perhaps most favoured by visitors. Wherever you stand in my wonderful Santorini, you can experience its natural beauty. In Caldera and Imerovigli, you can enjoy the view of the volcano amid the backdrop of a magical sunset. If you’re looking for an island that never sleeps, then you will find it on the crowded beaches of Mykonos- Psarrou, Panormos, Platys Yialos, Paraga, Kalo Livadi, and Ayia Anna. Wherever you go, the clubs, bars and restaurants provide an array of entertainment until the early hours of the morning. This is especially true of downtown Mykonian Chora (also known as Matoyiannia). Holy Tinos, on the other hand, is the opposite. Home of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Mother, also known as Panayia of Tinos, many visitors and pilgrims alike come to bask in its magnificence. Also, Syros Paros Andros, Sifnos, Naxos and many other islands of the complex of Cyclades welcome you to explore and enjoy the sea the food and my hospitality.

Located to the North East of my home, in the Aegean Sea you can visit Samos, Chios, Lesvos, Icaria. Samos is known for its Nectar, a sweet Moscato wine and for its beautiful sightseeing such as Iraio which is declared of Statute of World Heritage of UNESCO. In Chios, you can taste the famous mastiqua- a liquid material of our mastiqua trees in the forests. It is worth coming to Lesvos to visit the village of Molyvos and the downtown of Mytilene. Moreover, Icaria is known as for the longest life span because of the peace and quiet lifestyle and habitude. In this complex of the Northeast Aegean Islands you can visit the island of the Victory of Samothraki.

Additionally, in my home and my sea there are the Argosaronikos Islands where the most significant ones are Spetses, Aegina, Hydra, and Salamina. Spetses and Hydra are not only the home of the oldest navy families, but the birthplace of Manto Mavrogenous and Laskarina Bouboulina (two of the most significant women in the navy during the Revolution of 1821). Nowadays, these two islands have opened their oldest fortresses for historical sightseeing.

Known as the island of Chevaliers, Rhodes looks over the complex of Dodecanese and is the third most populous island. It is home to one of the 7 Wonders of the World- the famous Colossus of Rhodes. On the island there is the hill of butterflies, as well as numerous churches, monasteries and palaces. In the 1990s, the municipal police of Rhodes rode horses leading the town to be known as ‘the City of Knights’. Rhodes also has its own Acropolis in the traditional area of Lindos. The complex of Dodecanese is completed by Kos, Karpathos, Leros and many other islands that follow Rhodes.

I would to finish with my biggest one, Crete. It is the most numerous island in my sea. It is surrounded by the Cretan and Libyan Sea. That’s why in the South the temperature is on top in summer. Crete has a separate way of life. I can describe Crete as an autonomous island with nothing to miss for every person that visit her. Magnificent landscapes, wild nature, crystal waters, Cretan nutrition, traditional and modern amusement are only the basic of Crete. Minoan civilization is totally worth to explore. Coming to Crete, you see an island separated to four counties of Chania, Iraklion, Ayios Nikolas and Rethymno. Briefly you can explore the wonderful Bali at Rethymno, the Old Port of Chania and the traditional landscapes of Ierapetra and Sfakia, you can visit the modern town of Iraklion and then to travel to Ayios Nikolaos to the areas of Siteia, Vai and Chrisi.

To conclude, I would like to emphasize that my home is ready to offer you the best of whatever you ask. I have organized every day the possibility to travel by ship, by airplane by every mean of transportation in every place of me. I am here to offer you the warmest hospitality once again this summer to make this experience more than a lifetime one. Do not hesitate to feel my energy, listen to my music, enjoy my sun, taste my products, swim to my sea and photoshoot every corner of my home and to be educated from my history.

Welcome to my Home!

Yours Faithfully,