My Dream of a United Europe
A letter to OneEurope from a 14-year old Italian boy

This message from an Italian kid arrived in our inbox recently. It provides a great insight into the mindset of the young generation which ultimately carries our future. 

I’m a fourteen years old Italian boy, born in a nation that seems to have forgotten how wonderful the world outside Italy is.

For centuries, Europe was only a geographical entity, where hundreds of little States lived fighting for domain. Europe has always been in war, from the Roman Empire’s age to the WWII. Dictators and nationalisms took the European people to hate everything coming from other countries.  

But something is changing...   

I’ve always thought to be the only dreaming a federal Europe.  I was wrong.

Surfing the Net, I’ve known people from all over the continent sharing my ideals: I don’t feel alone anymore. 

I can feel there’s something moving in Europe.

Now, some say that Europe is falling like the Berlin’s wall, shot down by the economical crisis. I think they’re wrong: the old Europe is falling, but the new Europe, that we have to build, is coming! 

Once, Carlo D'Azeglio, one of the founding fathers of Italy, said: “Abbiamo fatto l’Italia: adesso facciamo gli italiani.” It means: “We’ve made Italy: now let’s make Italians.” Well, I say: “We’re making Europe: let’s make Europeans.”

I say it because I know that if Europe is only money, finance and economy, it can’t be a good place where to live. 

Europe should become a huge family. 

We have to find a reason worth feeling European, we have to take this message of unity and brotherhood to the 500 millions of people living in the EU: only doing this, we will save our continent and transform it in a State. Europe will exist only when the people will want it.

Europe can still be saved.

No matter what language you speak: they’re all beautiful. No matter what you eat: in Europe we cook better than Gordon Ramsey. No matter what your flag is: there’s a new flag for everyone in Europe. We have to keep alive the ideals of men like Robert Schuman, Winston Churchill, Altiero Spinelli, men who knew the horrors of war, and wanted to clean the blood of the people who died for us. We have to cure the wounds of this old, tired continent.

 Victor Hugo once planted a tree: he said that when it matured the United States of Europe would exist: this tree is still growing today. It’s waiting for us.

Rosario Cambrea

Cosenza, Italy