Music Will Save Lives

The 22-year-old Demi is launching an exciting project that will help Bulgarians who need life saving treatment. But can music really save a life? 

Tell us something about you!

My name is Demi. I’m 22, I was born in Bulgaria, however I have spent most of the last demi.jpgthree years in London. I study Popular Music at Middlesex University and I‘m due to graduate in a few months. I have been involved in the field of music for the past 8 years and have I been a guitar teacher for about a year now. 

Why did you decide to start the project "Save a Life"?

I had been thinking about a way to use my music for a charitable cause for quite a while, then in my third year at university, we had the option of doing an Independent Project, and after some discussions with my supervisor; the idea for “Save A Life” was born. I must say I am very happy to have finally launched my first big project!

What is it's core idea?

The core idea of the project is to help Bulgarians that are in need of life saving treatment and aren't able to afford the treatment.

The project is separated into two parts: local and international. 

The local part consists of the creation of an online community of people willing and able to help. It‘s there that I gather information about Bulgarians in need of such treatment, which I then share with the wider community and provide regular updates on the progress of the fundraising . This is the part of the project that is aimed at Bulgarian speakers.

For the international part I have started a crowd-funding page to directly raise funds for the three people who are in most urgent need of funds at that time. The funds raised will be distributed equally between the three people. 

What inspired you while you were working on your first album?

My main inspiration came from the stories of the people that I was sharing and talking about on an almost daily basis. This is what helped me to work consistently and has really motivated me! Apart from this, some purely musical inspiration included the work of artists such as Justin Nozuka and John Mayer. 

What is its message?

Each song has its own message, but the main theme revolves around the value of human life, peace and (divine) love. It doesn't have to be 1968 for me to be providing such a message.

What are the songs that people can buy, in order to donate and where will the money go?

There are three songs: Love Never Fails, A Better Place, and Buy My Time. A Better Place is a collaboration with the Jamaican Reggae artist Wayne Marshall. The songs could be classified as a blend of Soul, Ambient and Soft Rock, with an occasional hint of Pop. The reward for a donation of £5 is one song, for £6 - two songs, and for £7 - all three songs! 100% of the funds I raise will go directly to the three people in need! Everyone who contributes will receive an update at the end of the campaign, consisting of information on how they helped contribute to this crucial life saving work. 

Find out more about the project here: 

Edited by: Gareth Bell