Islamic Extremism in Germany?
Extremism Fact Sheet- Germany

· According to the Bertelsmannstiftung, most of the 4 million Germans of Muslim faith agree with basic values such as democracy and pluralism

· 90% of highly religious Muslims think of democracy as a good form of government and 9 out of 10 respondents have contact with non-Muslims in their leisure time with 50% having as many, or more, non-Muslim friends as Muslim friends

· 63% of Muslims whom describe themselves as rather/very religious claim to reassess their religion regularly; 60% of this group approve same sex marriage, (Turkish descent accounts for 12% of German Muslims)

· 61% of Germans think that Islam does not fit into the western world ( in 2012 this number stood at 52%); 40% stated that Muslims make them feel like foreigners in their own country; these opinions are not affected by regional origin, political orientation, education or social-economic background; most influential factors are age and personal contact to people of Muslim faith

· Number of over 54 year olds feeling threatened by Islam: 61%

· Number of under 25 year olds feeling threatened by Islam: 39%

· Fear of Islam is highest where there are low numbers of people of Muslim faith: North Rhine-Westphalia: 1/3 of German Muslim population: 46% feeling threatened; Saxony (nearly no Muslims): 70% feeling threatened

· 85% of Germans state that they are tolerant towards other religions


Salafism contribution to extremism in Germany

Salfalism is a Muslim doctrine that believes that the earliest (Salaf) ancestors of Islam epitomise the highest principals of Islamic practice and believe in following the examples set down by the first three generations of Muslims. The German inteligence service (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz) estimates that there are  6,000 Salafists in Germany

Salafism can be divided into two groups:

Political Salafism = mainly propaganda work and recruitment

Jihadi Salafism = violent struggle

The Majority of Salafists in Germany are not terrorists but political Salafists, however nearly every Islamic terror network that has been discovered has developed within a Salafist milieu and nearly every involved individual had been a Salafist.