Is this the Europe we want? Ssoosay

After the murder of the anti-fascist Paul Fyssas, other two murders followed. This time, security cameras recorded everything. Two neo-Nazis, members of Greece's far-right Golden Dawn, were killed in cold blood; another one was injured outside the party’s offices. Every thinking Greek knew that soon this revenge would come. On my blog I mentioned that retaliation would come when the situation in Greece (regarding the Golden Dawn issue) calmed down. I did not expect such a gruesome hit.

On the one hand, no terrorist organization has taken the responsibility for this murder until now. On the other hand, the executives of Golden Dawn say that they will not cause incidents, stressing that whatever follows, it will be just a provocation against Golden Dawn. In my opinion, I'm afraid we will have news of another murder.

While we were having a new kind of civil war in the streets of Athens, the Greek government instructed the police to break in the offices of the Greek public broadcasting service. The Greek public television closed in June of this summer after an extraordinary prime minister's decision. This act was one solid and treacherous punch at democracy. But the made-redundant employees and journalists occupied the corporation’s headquarters and refused to leave, and with the support of Greek people, continued to broadcast over the internet. Their struggle ended last Thursday. On Thursday at dawn, police special forces stormed the central station Ellinikí Radiofonía Tileórasi (ERT) and kicked the staff out, arresting some of them.

The same afternoon, several people gathered at the entrance of the building. The police guarded the main gate. Nobody could get into. Then, the employees and journalists took a heroic decision. The newscast took place on the road. I was there, and I felt proud of some of my fellow citizens who still give a fight for democracy. One million two hundred thousand viewers watched through the internet the news bulletin “on the road”. The journalists - the police officers guarding the entrance on the background - talked about the Fascist decisions and actions of the Greek government.

Meanwhile, the Greek government used to justify the Greek presidency, which will begin next year. "As a country we need to have a public television to hold the presidency." The Public television Greece already had. The government, not afraid of becoming a laughingstock, closed it in one day, and created a new one which is being used as a propaganda tool. Simos Kedikoglou, the spokesman of the Greek government, said that the police were forced to invade the central buildings of the public television to protect some expensive equipment and to return to the Greek people a public building which was illegally occupied.

While the Greek civil society is rising, and democracy in this country has now disappeared (democracy must be suppressed to allow a government to use such inhuman measures), other European governments and the International Monetary Fund require some more austerity.

Witnessing a certain indifference of other Europeans towards the Greek citizens, I wonder if the residents of other European countries are aware of the situation here in Greece. Do the inhabitants of northern Europe know that mostly half of the Greek population does not work and the other half can’t keep its salary because it’s "stolen" by the government in a bunch of ways? Do they also know that many politicians are embroiled in financial scandals but nobody bothers them because they are protected by other European politicians? Is there anyone who knows about the Fascist history of  Mr. Voridis, Mr. Georgiadis, Prime Minister of Greece Mr. Samaras, Mr. Dendias and other government politicians? Is there anyone who knows about the participation of Mr. Venizelos in several financial scandals of Greece, as Lagarde’s list or in purchasing submarines?

Does the European population know about the Fascist measures imposed on Greek population? I'm sure that other European politicians and European media are aware of this, but nobody speaks about it. Why?

Does this European silence hide a sense of guilt for the situation in Greece?

This situation reminds me of the civil war in Yugoslavia. When the international channels only displayed the massacres of Bosnians Muslims perpetrated by Serbs. The world hated Serbs because the channels and the governments wanted that. The war ended, and so did the shared interests of the major powers which set the situation up. Then the channels showed a bunch of information, testimonies, videos, photos and other documents showing the massacres of Serbs by Bosnian Muslims. The war, however, had long ended. Nobody was interested about those revelations.

And nowadays, European governments present a false picture of Greece. But Greece is not a solitary state. It is part of a group, the European Union.

This group, the European Union is behaving awfully towards Greece. This group is blind to the danger of Fascism. This group is indifferent to the rights and freedom of a part of the European citizens. This group tries to turn the South into a cesspool for all immigrants from Africa and Asia.

As a Greek and European citizen, I ask you all, is this the Europe you want?  

Edited by: Celeste Concari 
Photo Credits: Ssoosay