Internet media literacy, migration and the role of online media journalism VOL II InterMedi@KT

On Monday, May 15th, InterMediaKT successfully organized the workshop “Internet Media Literacy, migration and the role of online media journalism VOL II”, as part of the project #MyStory: Media, Migrants and Refugees, which aims to apply media literacy education in shaping the ways in which the migrant crisis is presented in the media and in which it is perceived by EU citizens.

Following the event held in Patras in December 2016, the participants had the opportunity to interactively explore the ways online journalism can shape the social discourse as well as the correct use of media literacy. Katerina Chrysanthopoulou, representing JAJ:Journalists about Journalism and ΜLI:Media Literacy Institute, explained the terms "media literacy" and "news literacy", their meaning and their necessity in the information industry. Following, Veatriki Aravani, representing the International Organization for Migration (IOM Greece), presented IOM’s social media and communication strategy, analyzing main channels and tools of the organization's online communication, as well as its role as the UN Migration Agency. Moreover, the representatives of the Association of International and European Affairs (ODETH), Theoharis Livanos and Olga Tsoukala, together with Athanasios Vassilopoulos & Athena Petrosian, representatives of OneEurope Greece & Cyprus, leaded two interactive sessions respectively; on the challenges and methodological errors, when writing news articles and blogs, and the indicative methodology of writing texts when reporting on migration. Finally, Fanis Kollias and Nadir Nouri, representing Solomon, spoke about social inclusion using media as a tool.

The seminar was held in the premises of Europe Direct City of Athens, with the kind support of Rizopoulos Post, as media partner.

As for the representatives of the One Europe Greece and Cyprus and they said:

‘’In my opinion, I believe that we manage to achieve the goal of this seminar and train the young generation of journalist/bloggers into the acceptable standards of writing articles in online journalism’’ Athanasios Vasilopoulos

‘’In the seminar: “Media literacy, the refugee issue and the role of online journalism VOL II”


We had the opportunity to show how online journalism can shape the social discourse on the refugee issue as well as the proper use of media literacy to illustrate the events.’’ Athena Petrosian