International Youth Forum: “Greater Europe Meetings: Paris 2014” Greater Europe
Hundreds of Young Europeans will meet in Paris for a week of workshops aiming to create a more conscious European society.

Between 28 July and 3 August at Mantes-la-Jolie, a beautiful area near Paris, hundreds of young Europeans from all across our continent will meet in order to establish bridges and connections between our nations.

The event is organized by the Youth Association for a Greater Europe, an organization which aims to remind us the Europe's borders do not end at the borders of the EU. Their mission is to create "de facto solidarities" across Europe, regardless of political, economic, or geographical divisions. "Greater Europe" aim to promote dialogue and mutual understanding throughout the European continent. Ultimately they want to create a more conscious European society, which can tackle common economic, diplomatic and social challenges together: "It is imperative that cooperation and friendship is promoted between our youth, the future leaders, in order to create a more collaborative political and economic atmosphere for future generations."

In order to achieve these goals, they have been hosting an annual forum, since the "Strasbourg Meetings" last year, which furthers these objective by enabling young people from the whole of Europe to interact, get know each other and develop projects together, with the help of professional coaches. The best of the proposed projects also receive financial support. "By setting up lectures, workshops, conferences, culture and sports activities for the active and motivated youth, we make one more step towards our common better future."

Find out more about the Youth Association for a Greater Europe on their websiteFacebook Page and Twitter account. Find out more about the main sponsor of the forum - Total.