The Union of European Federalists (UEF) and the Young European Federalists (JEF) have launched a campaign calling for a closer fiscal and a political union, as the only way to solve the economic crisis raging in Europe for the past three years.

They are specifically aiming to show the leaders meeting on the 18-th and 19-th of October at the European Council, that there is support for a European banking union, as well as for other measures bringing closer fiscal and political integration. Furthermore they aim to show that a solid fiscal, economic and political foundation is the only way to create an effective European monetary union, and to manage the Euro, thus stabilising the economy and promoting continent-wide growth.

At the heart of their campaign is the effort to reform the governing of Europe to a more democratic and a more effective system.

In the words of Pauline Gessant, President of JEF:

“Plans for a banking union and a fiscal union currently under discussion will prove realistic and up to the challenges that Europe is facing only if they become part of a project for a strong political union, otherwise they will eventually loose traction. Such projects should come together into a new constitutional pact providing democratic and federal institutions for the Euro-zone and the other countries willing to join such a project”

"To stop the crisis, Federal Europe now" Campaign-week

To achieve this goal UEF and JEF organized a campaign-week taking place in 40 cities across Europe.

At a local level a number of activities were organized in each of the participating cities. These ranged from: public stands, flash-mobs, distribution of leaflets, panel discussions with local politicians and organizations, as well as conferences.

At the European level, photos from all of the local events will be presented. Federalists will address members of the European Council with this special photo gallery of thousands of Europeans from across the continent, all calling for stability, progress and growth.

To find out more about the campaign and about the on-going efforts for spreading democracy, stability and unity in Europe, check out the websites of the Union of European Federalists and of the Young European Federalists.