After the past two successes of  the world’s largest simulation of NATO and the only one in Europe, the Model NATO Youth Summit (MoNYS) will take place again, for the third time, this December 1st-7th in a new location, Podgorica, Montenegro. 

These changes from Brussels, to Belgium and Podgorica reflect NATO’s evolution and its interest to bond regional partnerships, as well as its Open Door Policy.

“MoNYS is committed to provide a real-life platform that allows students and young professionals interested and/or working in diplomacy, to experience NATO’s procedures. Therefore, MoNYS and the nature of the summit remain up-to-date in this contemporary, ever-changing world just as NATO does,” said MoNYS Project Manager, George-Mihael Manea.

Students, young professionals and future global leaders will come together in December to highlight major military-security, political, economic and social issues, that NATO member states are facing today. Including transatlantic bond, relations with Russia and closer ties with Ukraine, defence spending and collective defence.

The purpose of MoNYS is to raise awareness of the mission and main activities of NATO. Meanwhile, it creates a platform for the younger generation to debate on current social and political international issues. 

The topics participants research, discuss and conclude are all relevant to NATO’s current agenda. All based on  NATO’s current agenda. Not only giving participants an opportunity to learn, but to also have their voices heard on issues they are passionate and highly knowledgeable about. As for example,  cyber security in this technological age.

Participants are aged between 18 to 28. They will be given an opportunity to implement the tools of analysis acquired during their studies and before starting their work  experience in a practical environment. 

The summit has all the features of a real-life NATO situation, since all stakeholders involved will defend important national interests, such as peace and security.

“ We look forward to welcoming in December, the next batch of bright, young and diverse minds who may just be the world’s next leaders.”

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 Article by Charlene Broad