The World Forum for Democracy 2013 is organised by the Council of Europe and will be held in Strasbourg on 23-29 November 2013. The Forum will focus on re-connecting citizens with institutions and re-inventing democratic participation in the digital age, aiming to bring together politicians and representatives of the civil society to discuss the impact of technology, such as social media, on established democratic structures and institutions.

The different initiatives on democracy innovation will be discussed in a series of "Labs", structured in four themes:

1. Alternatives to representative democracy? 

2. Towards democracy 2.0?

3. Governing with Citizens

4. Envisioning the Future

On the website of the "Labs" you can give your opinion on the initiatives by answering the polls: Does/Do the following initiative(s) increase significantly citizens' influence in the policy-making process and/or make democratic institutions more transparent, responsive and accountable? 

Vote for the democracy innovation award!

During the Forum, two awards will be presented by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe: first, the "Democracy innovation award" will be awarded on the basis of a vote of the Forum participants, and second, the "Democracy innovation award of the Internet users" will be awarded on the basis of votes cast online.

You can contribute to this Forum by answering the polls regarding the different initiatives on democracy innovation!

Take a look at the website of the Forum and vote for the democracy innovation award!