The Strasbourg Forum is organised by the "Youth Association for a Greater Europe " - an international organisation for young people around the world that wish to see the European continent reassembled and tolerant towards each other in their common effort to surmount future issues. Specifically, they seek better understanding and higher cooperation between the civil society of the EU and that of CIS countries.

They believe that the basic building blocks of cooperation is a thorough understanding of the different cultures involved, an incentive to move forward together, and a realization of shared issues where a common effort will benefit the goal.

Their pan-European projects include:

1. A Think Tank, where youth from Russia and youth from other European countries create a common analysis of relations between Russia and Europe

2. A network of business clubs, to provide young entrepreneurs with the necessary information on how to adapt their businesses to other countries of the Greater Europe

3. A yearly international youth forum, in informal surroundings in Strasbourg.

The Forum

The international youth forum entitled: ’Strasbourg Meetings - Focus Russia’ is taking from July 29th to August 5th this summer, and is going to feature topics ranging from international relations to cultural understanding, and from international business to education.

Additionally, having received their support, there will be a visit to the Council of Europe and their Youth Department where everyone will be introduced to the concepts of informal education and social entrepreneurship.

The participants will be accommodated both in houses and in tents, will taste the delicious local food, and listen to young Russian artists performing every night to the light made by the camp fires.

Registration for their conference is still open, but will close as soon as the maximum number of 250 participants is reached - so don't wait and register on!