The Model United Nations of The Hague Foundation would like to take this opportunity to extend to you an invitation to its annual conference.

The Model United Nations of The Hague foundation is a non-profit organization founded and run by the youth; most precisely, its board traditionally consists of students of Leiden University. Its goal is to spread values of multiculturalism, pluralism, democracy, the rule of law, and political participation while retaining absolute political neutrality, and to provide an exceptional platform for education and extracurricular engagement of university students from all around the world. This is being done through the organization of an annual, simulation-based conference that takes place in the world capital of peace and justice, The Hague.

The first-ever conference of the Model United Nations of The Hague foundation took place in April 2014 in a Hague-based venue of Leiden University. The 3-day event attracted young people from more than fifty countries, hosted prominent speakers such as the former NATO Secretary-General, Mr. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, or the president of the Hague Institute for Global Justice, Mr. Abiodun Williams, and received an unusually enthusiastic feedback from all those involved. Having set such a high standard, we are determined to make the second edition of the Model United Nations of The Hague conference even more remarkable.  

This year‘s session will take place between April 24-26 in our beautiful Dutch legal and political “capital” The Hague. We are also organizing an optional “Day 0” on April 23 that will entail various team-building exercises and lectures. The conference will be held in the stunning NH Hotel Den Haag, a part of the World Trade Centre The Hague that is certain to provide the most professional and representative environment to the event. The conference is professionally-oriented and we will host an evening event that will gather around 30 professionals from various organizations, institutions, and embassies located mainly in The Hague to socialize with the session’s participants, network, and perhaps share some employment opportunities.

We will also host a representative from the United Nations Regional Information Office for Benelux to talk about the work at the UN. Even though we are an MUN conference, we are simulating 9 very different committees; namely, the UNGA, Environmental Commission, UNHRC, NATO, G20, European Council, Security Council, Crisis Security Council, International Court of Justice, and of course we will also have a dynamic Press Team (see committees for their complete overview). All committee topics will fall under the umbrella of our overarching theme “Adapting to an evolving world: Globalization, Governance, Geopolitics”.

Selection and allocation will be conducted on a rolling basis. The temporarily reduced participation fee is €60 payable once you have completed your application. You will not be assigned a committee before this fee has been paid. 

Positions open for delegates and journalists: 

Deadline Journalists: 28th of February

Deadline Delegates: 9th of March