Startup-skills is a P2P (peer-to-peer) learning platform for entrepreneurs and creative professionals, where people can learn the skills to build something out of nothing. It’s a project for starters to learn, and for mentors to share. Startup-skills is an initiative by Europreneurs. In September 2013, they already wrote an article on the website of One Europe. Check it out here ! 

The website of Startup-skills has three parts; a blog, the Startup MBA and a P2P platform with digital courses. 

The Startup MBA is a free private membership section where you can learn how to acquire new skills and how to build a business. The Startup MBA contains a directory of books, articles, podcasts and videos to help you understand how you can solve problems by launching a business or a creative career. Sign up for free and start browsing!

The P2P platform with digital courses is where people can master and share practical skills. Do you master skills you care to share? Startup skills helps you with deconstructing your knowledge and translating it into a course. You can set a price for your students and host it on Startup Skills. Like the beers, prices have to be student-level.  

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Edited by: Lisa Enocsson