The festival offers, with three large film programmes (Grand Tour, My Own Private Europe and EU-29), a platform for reflections on Europe and for discussion on its future. In addition, Thomas Bellinck's exhibition Domo de Europa Historio en Ekzilo will travel from Brussels to Rotterdam.


The State of Europe: EU-29

Europe has become a Union of no less than 28 states, but not every person fits in these states or feels at home. Not everyone is welcome or expected to stay. Many people - and as a consequence many films - don't really belong to the EU-28. For them an imaginary 29th state was created by IFFR programmer Gertjan Zuilhof: a country of immigration and moving cinema.

The State of Europe – Grand Tour

Grand Tour shows highlights and surprises of new European cinema taking you on a journey of cinematic Europe, showing its diversity, traditions, past, present and future.

The State of Europe – My Own Private Europe

My Own Private Europe focuses on intimate visions on and of today's Europe and aims to rediscover Europe through highly personal and sometimes very intimate points of view, showing how filmmakers experience living in today's Europe.  

Photo Credits: International Film Festival Rotterdam via Wikimedia Commons