Elections for the European Parliament will take place in May 2014. MyVote2014.eu  is a website that informs young voters about the European Parliament's decision-making process and provides them with tools to compare their views with those of its members, the MEPs. 

The website contains four sections. The first is a tool called ‘Cast your Vote’ - it allows you to compare your views with those of individual MEP’s. The information is organised by country, political group in the European Parliament, and/or national party. You can vote for, against or abstain on fifteen policy issues and then compare your vote with the MEP’s. 

The second section is called ‘Their Vote’, and shows the MEP's voting records on the fifteen policy issues from the previous section. Next, the section ‘What if...?’ – shows what the voting results would have been if they were  based on the opinions of the website's users. The final part, ‘Play the Game’ to find out how much you know about EU politics!

MyVote2014.eu is an initiative of VoteWatch Europe  – an organisation that aims to promote debate and transparency in EU-decision-making - in partnership with the League of Young Voters.

MyVote2014.eu is also available in French (www.MonVote2014.eu), German (www.MeineWahl2014.eu), Polish (www.MojGlos2014.eu), Italian (www.IlMioVoto2014.eu ) and Spanish (www.MiVoto2014.eu) .

MyVote2014.eu has also a facebook app  where you can ‘Cast your Vote’ and ‘Play the Game'.