The birth of "My Country? Europe" can be traced back to the long standing friendship and intellectual cooperation between its two founders, "Shep" and "Rausten". Friends since high school and constantly helping each other in whatever project they had, they both shared a dream - that of a socially, politically and economically united European State. 

Ideas about promoting the concept were tossed around time and again, but it was the Ukrainian crisis, in March 2014, that provided the background for the pieces of the puzzle to finally come together. The Facebook page "My Country? Europe" was created. It was brought to being with the single-minded purpose of showing people the beauties of the most famous, and the most remote, corners of the Continent, to create a common sense of belonging and heritage. It grew, with an influx of new admins and ideas, and started to enrich its content to comprise geo-political commentaries of the day, as well as coverage of European and national elections, scientific projects of federal interest, the vicissitudes of Parliament and Commission and the daily reality of local and federal governance in every corner of the Union.

It has become a hub for anyone willing to witness what we can achieve when, as Europeans, we work together for a common goal. The coverage of Rosetta has provided the breakthrough in audience that has raised the bar for them. Since then, the team has been enlarged to: the admins Tracer, Orzel and Shep provide excellent political commentaries, while Ily takes responsibility for the management of the page graphics, that have been constantly developing under her watch. Sloth is mostly concerned with a topic of utmost interest to all Europeans - beer (yes, we're serious, beer does deserve its own admin). Rausten remains the most feverishly active organiser and overseer of most of the activity going on, while Lanchedgehog provides material about European nature, and assistance with... country-balling!

The page itself is a brilliant example of Europeans from different nationalities, and very different personal and professional backgrounds, working together for the betterment of our common Union.

Follow "My Country? Europe" closely. It is young and in its very early steps and it has come a long way already in creating a space for Europe on Facebook. But the best is, by and large, yet to come.