Production is one of the main drivers of any country’s economy. Its process is responsible for a significant number of jobs, for meeting the needs of end users and achieving financial stability. To date, the European industry has entered a phase of stagnation. In the first quarter of 2013, the European industrial output has shrunk for the sixth time. It is expected that this trend will remain constant for the upcoming years.

Relying upon years of research, the team of has created an interactive form of Internet economy to provide direct added value to European producers and traders/end-users worldwide. The creation of this platform rests on the following basic concepts:

§ Unification of all European manufacturers, giving them the opportunity to introduce their product in any market, regardless of location

§ Clear differentiation between producers and dealers/resellers, while allowing them to communicate directly with each other 

§ End users (natural person or legal entity) given the opportunity to independently decide whether to deal directly with manufacturers or resellers

§ Maintenance of a high level quality service by scrutinizing each producer’s application for registration in the system, prior to its posting

The official start off of was a year ago. Since then, hundreds of manufacturers have recognized the benefits of this project and have already registered into the system. By doing so, they enjoy the opportunity to publish information relative to the company's history, products, production capacity, contact information, payment options and more. There may also post pictures of the facilities, certificates, testimonials and other elements that may provide them with a competitive advantage, making them potentially stand out from other companies in the sector.

To keep pace with the dynamic changes in the information technology sector, the team of continues to update its platform by developing new features that improve the quality of services, therefore guaranteeing reliable means of communication and opportunities, providing a successful tool to improve their users’ business.

We would like to invite you to contact us, with your queries and your opinion on the system. We would also appreciate any improvement suggestions for new features, and innovative ideas!