"The student initiative I vote Europe attempts to use collective phenomena in the world of social media in a systemic approach in order to lead young Europeans towards the elections of the European Parliament in May 2014, lend the European voting community a “face of diversity” and provide a contribution to the use of social media as the active democracy-forming tool."

Initiated by a group of students from the University of Friedrichshafen in Germany, I vote Europe encourages Europeans to vote and capture the moment with a photograph or video. They also have a hashtag as Co-Initiator Sven Liebert explains:

"[We pursue] our aims via short videos that will show the physical act of voting and will then be shared and tagged by the hashtag #ivoteeurope on facebook. Furthermore, every young European voter is encouraged to nominate three more friends to follow his/her lead. We believe that this collective momentum of shared voting experiences will increase the turnout on the next European elections due to the basic principles of social networking as well as swarm theory." 

Democratic Legitimacy is dear to Europeans like Jan Morgenstern, who started "I vote Europe" with Sven Liebert. Only 29% of the young voters between 18 and 24 participated in the European election of 2009:

"To ensure democratic legitimacy a higher voter turnout as well as a distinctive awareness of its implications especially among young voters is of uttermost importance for us."

You can follow and participate in I vote Europe on Facebook  where they have decided to focus as its the most popular network for young Europeans.

The team behind the project: team.png