North-Eastern Bulgaria was hit by torrential rains and hail during the late afternoon of June 19-th. The country’s seaside capital, Varna, was the worst hit. At least 14 people have lost their lives. The Asparuhovo neighbourhood has been literally drowned by floods which swept away cars, furniture, animals, people and even homes. Hundreds of people have been left without electricity, food or drinking water. At places transportation has been made impossible as parts of the roads are missing.

The disaster comes a month after the worst floods in South-East Europe for 120 years.

Other affected cities include DobrichVeliko Turnovo and PrilepThousands of tourists have been evacuated from the Albena resort, as well.

Donation campaigns for flood victims have been organised hours after the tragic events.

The Bulgarian Red Cross activated their donations hotline 1466 (available only in Bulgaria). People can donate 1 Bulgarian Lev (about 50 Euro cents) by sending a blank text to the number. The organisation also opened a bank account for those who wish to make larger donations: UNICREDIT BULBANK - BG64UNCR76301078660913 - UNCRBGSF (For the flood victims in Bulgaria).

There is another campaign at the 17777 hotline (also available only in Bulgaria). Those, wishing to donate 1 Bulgarian Lev, must write “DMS VARNA” in the text message. At the start of the campaign the hotline got overloaded because of the large numbers of people sending text messages at the same time.

Part of the donations will also be sent to Dobrich.

Various Facebook groups for coordination have been created with volunteers from other cities organising themselves to go help in Varna and other affected areas.

 Monday, June 23 was the day of mourning for the victims of the floods in Bulgaria.

Written by: Yana Noteva