If you haven't heard before - we are telling you, if you know already - we are reminding: the European Parliamentary elections are coming on 22-25 May 2014. This important event in political life of Europe became the central point of the new on-line project EusprYng, which was launched in 2013 by Belgian journalist Maha Ganem.

The project involves 12 protagonists: young people from European countires, out of which 6 are running for the European Parliament. The other 6 are representatives of civil society, who are lobbying the canditates expecting them to deal with such important for European youth issues as education, unemployment, youth empowerment and the place of the European Union on international arena.

EusprYng documents these 12 characters in the development of the campaign. Still, the most exciting part of the project starts after the elections: EusprYng will follow their protagonists in their parliamentary work to see how they are sticking to the promises they made during the elections and how their work contributes to the improvements in the real life of the civil society protagonists.

This online web-documentary was inspired by the events of the Arab Spring when desperate young people stormed the streets demanding for changes. Maha Ganem strongly believes in the power of Generation Y to change the existing system and secure the decent opportunities for education, training and career. Moreover, empowering young people to take an active part in political life of Europe will strengthen their trust in the European Union as a functioning institution.

To learn more about EusprYng visit their website http://www.euspryng.com and follow the project on FacebookYouTube and Twitter to discuss it with the creators and the participants.