Mobile network operators charge you roaming for calls, sms and data when travelling to another European member state. They justify this by referring to extra expenses charged by using foreign networks. In truth however, most mobile operators either cooperate with one another or maintain their very own network in foreign countries.

We believe that the situation is detrimental to the creation of a single telecommunications market. Businesses and consumers are adversely affected by those roaming charges. This negatively influences the competitiveness of the European economy in its entirety. We are convinced that a single market requires efficient transnational communication within the European Union. This is especially true in a society where the penetration rate of mobile communication is nearly 90%.

“Europeans for fair roaming” calls on all EU institutions to take steps to end this unfair practice. We are a network of organisations and individuals from different backgrounds from all over Europe united by a single goal: using your phone everywhere in Europe should not cost you more than at home!

What we do and how we do it

Our goal is to make mobile phone roaming accross Europe as cheap as domestic phone calls already are as soon as possible. In order to achieve this, we will both campaign publicly and co-ordinate activities with all like-minded orgnanisations in Europe in order to counter the lobbying of mobile network operators. To this end, we already started a facebook group to gather supports for a European campaign for lower roaming fees.

The Facebook campaign “We say NO to Roaming Charges in the EU” and “Europeans for fair roaming” were started and are currently co-ordinated by the European Federalist Party and Europe United Institute but have expanded to a network of organisations and individuals from all over Europe.

Who can join?

“Europeans for fair roaming” is open to all individuals and organisations who want to see lower roaming fees within Europe.