In a massively interconnected European union with open borders it has become common for European citizens to go live in another member state for work or study. EU nationals that go live in another member state take part in the economic and social life there, and also pay taxes to their new residence state. Yet, they are excluded from fully participating in the political debate in their residence country, because they simply have no voting rights in national elections. If you live in another EU country, you are allowed to vote in municipal and European elections. However, you have no right to vote for the national government whose decisions will impact on your daily life. For some member states you can even lose the right to vote in the national elections of your home country.

The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “let me vote” intends to change this. The initiative aims to reduce the democratic deficit through granting all EU citizens the ability to use their full democratic rights by allowing them to vote in national elections of the state they live in. This would help integration, encourage mobility and give the concept of European citizenship more meaning.

The initiative was launched by Européens sans frontières (Europeans Without Borders), a non-for-profit, apolitical association. It was ultimately approved by the commission this year in January. As all other ECIs it will have one year to collect 1 million signatures from the 501 million citizen of the EU.

You can support this initiative by signing the ECI here.

You can find more information about this campaign on its website. You can also follow the initiators of this campaign on twitter and facebook.

If you want to further support the cause of Européens sans frontières (the NGO behind this initiative) you can help them by supporting them financially here.