The debate on the relationship between the UK and the EU institutions is increasingly present in the media, in the corridors of power, as well as in the public sphere.

This initiative led by the Young European Movement in London (the local branch of JEF, and the youth wing of the European Movement International in the UK), aims to address the issues arising from the recent developments and decisions.

By inviting key figures at the core of the decision-making process on this issue, and providing a platform for them to present their views on the matter, as well as to participate in discussions and debates with the public, YEM London aim to make the issues clearer to those that are affected by them: all of us.

Among the questions of the debates are:

In the context of growing political and economic union in the eurozone, what will Britain’s role be in the EU? Can we continue to sit on the fence? 

Should there be a referendum on Britain’s future in the EU?

Can we overcome the intense partisanship surrounding Britain's membership in the EU?



Robert Buckland MP 
(Co-Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the EU) Emma Reynolds
(Labour Shadow Minister for Europe)

Martin Horwood 
(Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Committee on International Affairs)
Olaf Cramme 
(Director of Policy Network)
Kira Huju (Chair of Young European Movement London)

John Wastnage (Chair of Young European Movement UK)

Young European Movement London
London Liberal Youth
Young Conservative Europe Group
UCLU European Society