Since 2006, the Young European Federalists (JEF) have organized the "Free Belarus" campaign in about 100 European cities every year. This pan-European action aims to condemn the last dictatorship in Europe and to show support for the people of Belarus.

This year the action will take place from 17-19 March, and it will tackle the challenge to democracy in Belarus and throughout the continent. Democracy is under pressure all over Europe. The threat to democracy is not only coming from dictators in post-Soviet states, but from various groups and organizations all over the continent. In Belarus the status-quo has been grave for years, in Ukraine violence erupted at the end of November last year, and all over Europe democracy is threatened by the rise of nationalism and extremist parties.

The action in practice: Symbolically silence statues all over Europe to remind us that we cannot sit back and let democracy be defeated. Street actions will be organised, such as: public actions, gagging statues and spreading flyers. 

For more information on how to get involved check out the official website and the facebook page.