Greeks and Religious Tolerance
The Muslim Population in Each European Country

The construction of the first mosque in Athens has begun, 123 years after the latest one was constructed. This has caused several reactions among residents of the city. Many believe that the city "surrendered to Muslims", while others support the freedom of religion.

This division is due to the mentality of some churches, whose religions teach love and respect for others, but some individuals in those churches do not actually implement it.

In Athens there are 120 un-registered mosques in underground buildings. If the Athenians fear that the existence of a mosque will transform an area into ghettos, then they should be more concerned with the existence of illegal mosques. Repression causes more reactions, than allowing the freedom of expression and the practicing of ceremonies of other religions.

The Thessaloniki Mosque-Museums

While in Athens the construction of the mosque starts, the mayor of Thessaloniki has decided to re-open two mosques in his city, which operated until today as museums. This caused several reactions in the metropolitan city. The view of the mayor was published in a Sunday newspaper. I was curious to read it. The truth is that I did not expect words of love and progress from one ultra-conservative man. The bad news however is that a large chunk of the people are actually ultra-conservative.

Their views are based on false data in the history books used in schools. They say that the Christian peoples of the Ottoman empire were oppressed, while the truth is that there was religious tolerance during this period. 

On the other hand there is a region of Greece, Thrace, where Christians live in harmony with Muslims. Why can't a social model applied in Thrace, be used in the rest of Greece? 

It is also silly to celebrate the opening of a huge Christian Orthodox Church in Albania (a country with a Muslim and Catholic population), and at the same time to refuse to build a mosque (even without a minaret) in Athens. 

No christian faith is affected by the existence of a mosque, only the insecurity of some groups.

The freedom of religion is a right that should exist in every country.

It is time to look to the future more clearly…