With RSS we give our readers the possibility to subscribe to our stories with their feed reader.

You can chose between the following OneEurope feeds:

  • Full Feed - all of our articles, meme/image posts (briefs) and event-related news (initiatives) at once
  • Author Feeds - all posts by the same author, see contributors.
  • Debate Feeds - all posts associated with the same debate, see debates.

Wonder what RSS is? 

RSS allows users to avoid manually checking all the websites they are interested in. Instead you automatically receive the articles in a standardized format, as soon as they are available. 

This benefits readers who want to subscribe to timely updates from favourite websites, or who want to combine content from many sites into one place.

If you're not sure whether RSS is the type of thing you want, you might want to check out this "how to" post about RSS feeds, as well as this post on alternatives to the recently shut-down Google Reader.