Euro Quiz
Flags of the Member States of the European Union

To celebrate Europe Day we are challenging you to test your knowledge of the European Union. Are you an Euro geek or a complete beginner when it comes to European affairs? Can you name all the (28) members of the European Union? Do you know the difference between the European Council and the Council of Europe? Can you even name one of your MEPs representing you in the European Parliament? Take our Euro quiz and share your answers below.

1. What are the six founding members of the European Coal and Steel Community?

a) Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy & Belgium

b) Germany, France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom & Luxembourg

c) France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg

2.  Who was appointed as the EU’s first High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy  in November 2009?

a) Catherine Ashton

b) Federica Mogherini 

c) Viviane Reding

3. What is the total population of the EU?

a) over 350 million inhabitants

b) over 500 million inhabitants

c) over 700 million inhabitants

4. Which is EU's smallest country by surface area?

a) Cyprus

b) Luxembourg

c) Malta

5. When did Romania and Bulgaria join the EU?

a) 2004

b) 2007

c) 2011

6. Who is the current president of the European Council?

a) Donald Tusk

b) Jean-Claude Juncker

c) Herman Van Rompuy 

7. When was the Lisbon Treaty signed?

a) 2007

b) 2009

c) 1999

8. How many stars are there on the EU flag?

a) 28

b) 15

c) 12

9. What was the annual budget of the EU in 2014?

a) EUR 263, 447.50 million

b) EUR 142,690.29 million

c) EUR 200, 573.82 million

10. How many MEPs sit in the European Parliament?

a) 630

b) 751  

c) 825