European week for women's right to abortion in Spain and Europe El Perroflauta Digital
Abortion is my freedom, my choice

On Wednesday 29 January 2014, a massive demonstration took place in front of the Embassy of Spain in Brussels and the European Parliament to support women in Spain and abortion rights in Europe.

The 29th of January more than 2000 demonstrators first gathered in front of the Embassy of Spain before walking down to the European Parliament in Brussels to support the right of abortion for women in Spain and Europe.

Many European NGOs’ representatives called for a demonstration in order to protest against the new bill proposed on December 20th 2013 by the government of the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy aiming at reforming the current law on sexual and reproductive health and rights. If this new bill is approved, women won’t be able to finish their pregnancy at an early stage, with the exception of rape cases or when the mother's health is at risk. Currently in Spain, a woman has the right to abortion up to the 14th week of pregnancy and up to the 22nd week in case of foetal deformities.  

The European NGOs that initiated the action are: European Humanist Federation, International Planned Parenthood Federation/European Network,, European Women's Lobby, and Catholics for Choice. They were supported by politicians and MEPs from all parties in the European Parliament, except from the Conservatives. They urged the Spanish government to withdraw this new proposal that will restrict abortion rights in Spain as this new law would lead to a 30 years step backwards in the rights of women.

Similar mobilizations were held the same week across European countries to promote gender equality and fundamental human rights. A protest against the approval of the reformed Abortion Act by Spains’s Council of ministers called “El Tren de la Libertad” was held at the 1st of February.  

Edited by: Lisa Enocsson