#Euromaidan is good for the EU and for all Europeans, not just for the Ukranians.
Most people think practically. Well over half of the EU citizens (42% + 14%) believe the Association Agreement with Ukraine would be good "because it strengthens the economy".

The internet is flooded with articles about Euromaidan, its causes, aims and progress.

I do not want to make more noise and compete with some of the most respected journalists in the world, so I will not write yet another piece analyzing these protests.

What I will do is note Euromaidan's significance and BENEFIT to the EU.

I must say, I am very passionate about solidarity, democracy and human rights, and I believe the Ukranians are Europeans, which are reasons enough to support Euromaidan. I have been TweetingFacebooking and even Pinteresting about all the the twists and turns of events for the past couple of weeks.

However, solidarity is not enough for everyone. I've even spoken to Europeans which do not support Euromaidan, because for them signing a Trade Agreement is the same as entering the EU. Euromaidan will NOT make Ukraine a Member State of the EU (unfortunately for me, fortunately for some) - there is a long process and many requirements from the EU for that to happen. Euromaidan is about signing a Trade Agreement, and thus choosing a path, which will be very beneficial to both Ukraine AND to the EU.


Euromaidan stimulates the debate on Europe, and reminds us why it is still relevant.

I have been raised and live in the UK. So I see Europe from a very interesting point of view

Last year when the European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize, this was scarcely mentioned in the media in the UK. In addition, most media that did shortly mention it, focused on why the EU does not deserve it, as it has "caused a financial crisis", as it is "not democratic", and etc. The British media (the part that paid any attention at all to this) was surprised and critical of the EU receiving the Peace Prize.

In contrast, in the past to weeks Euromaidan has been extensively covered by all media here, and even in the prime time - the evening news on the major TV stations.
Furthermore, all of the coverage is about how the EU provides stability, values and prosperity. 

This may be the first time the British media is positive about the EU, and is talking about it so extensively!

I follow the "continental" media actively as well, and it appears the message most European broadcasters and publishers are sending is the same throughout.

Thanks to Euromaidan, The Ukranians are reminding us of the importance of the EU, of the peace, stability, and democracy it ensures - which we often take for granted.

In addition, Euromaidan is stimulating the debate on Europe at all levels of society (not only in civil society, and the usual "Euro-geeks"), and leading it in a very positive direction.


This sub-topic sounds very direct and crude, but unfortunately most people are looking exactly for this - consciously, or sub-consciously.

Many people associate the "Association Agreement" and "Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement" with entering the EU. This is NOT the case. A Trade agreement does NOT mean Ukraine will become a member state of the EU. Relax.

The Trade Agreement is not a "give-away", or a donation either. This is the other myth spreading in minds of less-well-informed Europeans.

The Trade Agreement would have enormous financial benefits to the EU.

The very reason the Ukranians went out on the streets, is Yanukovych's last-minute refusal to go ahead with the Trade Agreement, after promising it for years (not to make Ukraine a member of the EU, as some believe).


Euromaidan benefits not only Ukraine's progress to democracy, but also the European Idea and the European Union.

By risking their lives under the batons and the tear gas, and in the extreme cold of Ukraine's winter, the Ukranians are showing us how much it is worth fighting for something which we, in the EU, take for granted, and which many EU citizens have lost faith in.

By making a very positive case about it, the Ukranians are massively fueling the debate on Europe. 

By organizing the "largest pro-EU demonstration" (Verhofstadt), they are fighting for a Trade Agreement, which will have enormous financial benefits to the EU as well.

So whether you support Euromaidan out of solidarity, or because you are glad to see a real debate on the EU, or just because you want to have more money, here are some of the bigger Euromaidan Social Media platforms which you can "like", share and support: 


The "official" EuroMaidan Facebook Page gathered 150,000 likes in a couple weeks.

More recently, a number of EU Civil Society organizations, also created a Facebook Page to support and show solidarity with the Ukranians.

There are hundreds (perhaps thousands - they are impossible to count) of other Euromaidan Pages, Groups and Events. You can even search for "Euromaidan" and your city, or country and find the "local" initiative.


The biggest Twitter account is @euromaidan

The most popular hashtags are: #Euromaidan / #Evromaidan / #Євромайдан / #Евромайдан

As with Facebook, there are hundreds of other accounts, for every European language and region.

Please support Euromaidan, the Ukrainians and the European Idea, by joining the above social media channels, or by sharing this article.