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Europe in Crisis

As time passes by we are coming face to face with an era in European Continent that is going more and more crucial. To be more specific the fundamental principle of European Union and Identity are sacrificed on behalf of populism and extreme voices in European Countries. It is known that European Union is unique and united the last decades because this institution began with the perspective that in every problem division is not the solution for any critical problem and event. Nowadays the present generations in the body of EU do not recognize or notice that each member state of EU is safe under this identity and has avoid a war situation for more than 70 years after the bloody World War II.

The problem is that each country promotes its own agenda for Europe concerning the economic and financial strategy and less on the enhancement of European Conscience such as collaboration, neighborhood and solidarity. It can be identified that the European Union is going to be absorbed by the emphasis given to the financial sector. Here it is needed to make clear some crucial statutes.. European Union is a regional institution with international presence and status which is a State Union from 1950 (Maastricht Treaty) and includes 28 member states from the 46 of the European Continent. Furthermore, Eurozone is a group of states of the EU which includes only the member states that have adopted Euro as their common currency for their transactions and financial or trade relations.

Nowadays, the financial issues are on the top of the 28 states agenda. Many member states worry about the possibility that the European Union is going to end up as a monetary oligarchy of the Norths against Souths. It is profound that Germany in collaboration with the rich and powerful North promote a monetary policy of memorandum and a policy that exports corruption to states that are financially unstable so to make them need monetary support from the European Institutions like ESM. This situation has been noticed in the past months via the Italian Referendum where the possible revision of the Constitution, the willing of ex-Prime Minister Mateo Rentzi, would conclude with the adoption and voting of provisions of Memorandum such as monetary measures of austerity and the manipulation of Italian monetary and budgetary from Germany and its supporters. We cannot ignore the situation in Greece where populism of the present Government SYRIZA-ANEL and the corrupted policy of the previous governments of ND and PASOK contributed to this financial crisis. Additionally, in UK Euroscepticism and populism on behalf of the Independence Party (UKIP) of Nigel Farage has been confirmed after the win of Nigel Farage in British Referendum which triggered the Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty leading to Brexit. Briefly, many member states including the above expressed question the status and power of the European vision.

Moreover the migration and refugee problem where many member states present and anti-European statute like Hungary push many extreme voices to shout out that European Union is closed to its end and that states should turn on more national policy than European.

Specifically, in France which is now in an election period of time Marine LePen the President of the extreme right Party of France, National Front (FN), delivered a very aggressive speech “manifesto” where between the 144-official thesis of its speech she mentioned a referendum for a possible FREXIT, demonized globalization and proposed the return to the national currency to offer “Liberte” to France. A new poll published on February 22 found that the Front National Candidate stands to win 26 per cent of the first vote, down slightly from the 27 per cent high that she polled earlier in the week. Marine Le Pen is the favorite to win the first round of voting but is unlikely to become the next French president. Emmanuel Macron and Francois Fillon continue to vie for second place. Somehow, this fact is an opportunity to think why such extreme voices either right or left and populism are supported by so many people and groups noting such polls and percentages.

Why Populism and corruption replace commonsense and good governance?

Is European Union really a union or a political oligarchy which promote monetary and dividing experiments to the whole European citizens?

And finally, why solidarity, certainty and Fundamental European Principles in general pass the baton to fear and Euroscepticism?

Answering the questions above the existing gaps and problems of the EU will only be solved if we make a significant progress as a Union. The fact is that the EU is divided in groups, the Europeans versus the Eurosceptics, the poor versus  the rich countries and the North versus the South. To conclude, the EU via its institutions should focus to avoid further division to concentrate to the enhancement of the Fundamental European Principles, Democracy and Solidarity.