Europe Meets Russia Forum

‘A Resilient Russian-European Alliance: Essential Partnership for Global Peace & Stability’

1 – 5 July 2013, Brussels

Russia is without doubt one of EU’s most complex and fascinating partners (find our articles covering various aspects of Russia and European-Russian relations here). For those keen to improve their understanding of the relationship between Russia and the EU, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy’s Europe Meets Russia (EMR)  Forum is hosting the weeklong seminar ‘A Resilient Russian-European Alliance: Essential Partnership for Global Peace & Stability’. 

The Europe Meets Russia Forum is a network of young professionals and students from across the world, who have an interest in the European-Russian relationship. The main goal of the forum is to educate, enhance and sustain the Russian-European relationship by empowering the next generation of young leaders from Europe and Russia.  Every 4 - 6 months the EMR Forum organises seminars that allow participants to explore different themes in Russian-European relations. The EMR Forum also organises conferences, public lectures, events and online activities throughout the year to which members of the forum have exclusive access. 

The seminar ‘A Resilient Russian-European Alliance: Essential Partnership for Global Peace & Stability’ will offer participants the chance to take part in a variety of activities designed to deepen their knowledge of Russian-European affairs and to improve their cultural diplomacy skills. Participants will attend lectures, workshops and round-tables led by prominent scholars and practitioners from the field, and will participate in interactive sessions featuring cultural diplomacy activities. Participants are invited to submit their own research papers on subjects related to the program, with selected participants having the opportunity to present their research and share their findings.

Further, participants will attend the Symposium ‘Cultural Diplomacy in the EU’. Bringing together dignitaries, heads of state, ministers, politicians, diplomats, academics, authors, human rights activist, journalists, and artists, the Symposium will focus on a diverse array of issues: this will include topics such as European identity and cultural pluralism, the role of the EU in the emerging New World Order, and sustainable development and economic growth in the EU.

The weeklong seminar is also a fantastic opportunity for networking and for meeting with leading figures and experts from international politics, academia, the diplomatic community, civil society and the private sector, from across the world.  Participants will also take part in numerous social activities such as concerts and live performances, film evenings, embassy receptions, and party nights.

The seminar takes place from the 1st - 5th of July, in Brussels and is open to young professionals and students with an interest in exploring and strengthening European-Russian relations. To attend this exciting event and become a member of the Europe Meets Russia Forum, fill in the application form available here. More details about the work of the EMR Forum and the programme of the seminar are available on the EMR Forum’s website.