Credit to The International Removals Company - Movehub Infographic showing where international students most like to study.

This infographic provides information about students' movements during their studies. The globalization effect can be observed in all parts of the world and now it is defined as a modus vivendi - style of life.

To understand better this infographic the primary color is used to show the number of the outbound internationals students in that country and the second color - the inner color of the circle - is used to show the number of inbound international students.

At the end of the infographic, there are the most popular countries chosen by international students to study in:
United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, United States, Canada, Australia, China, South Korea and Brazil. 

Have YOU studied in another country?

Do you think that globalization has affected your studies?

Would you like to study abroad?

Is it easy to go abroad and study in a university, or to start a new life in a new country?  

Credit to The International Removals Company - Movehub.  
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