Credit to Times Higher Education

Top 10 Universities in the World include institutions from United States of America and Europe. The battle struggles between United States and United Kingdom, but we found a position of a Swiss higher education institute. 

1. California Institute of Technology - United States

2. University of Oxford - United Kingdom

3. Stanford University - United States 

4. University of Cambridge - United Kingdom 

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology - United States

6. Harvard University - United States

7. Princeton University - United States 

8. Imperial College London - United Kingdom 

9. ETH Zurich-Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich - Switzerland 

10. University of Chicago - United States 

A number of 345 universities in the world 800 are located in Europe. Despite this, 78 UK institutions feature in this top and the first quarter is determined by 12 Dutch institutions and 20 of Germany. 

Nowadays, a non-Anglo-American institution is part of  top 10. We talk about Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. 

Meanwhile, US has only 147 universities in top 800. Only 63 of them are part of the first quarter. 

What do You Think about the Educational gap between US and Europe? 

What about ASIA? 

According to your opinion, what are the important standards of a higher education institution?