www.freedomhouse.org Snapshot of the Freedom in the World Report by Freedom House

An independent organisation called Freedom House published its annual Freedom in the World report . 

According to the methodology of Freedom House each country is being evaluated on a scale from 1 to 7, where 1 stands for the highest result and 7 for the lowest. The factors taken into consideration are political rights and civil liberties.

Europe in general shows very positive results: the majority of the countries are free. Ukraine, Moldova, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia and Turkey are evaluated as "partially free".

At the same time Belarus was recognized as "worst of the worst" as far as freedom is concerned, along with China, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Sudan, Chad, Syria, Somalia and several other African and Asian countries.

How is it possible that Europe shows such dramatic contrasts?

What are the key factors that should be improved in order to reach a higher level of freedom?

Belarus is an issue for debates for 20 years, still practically nothing has changed there. Is the European Union helpless in improving the situation in Belarus?

You can have a precise look at the statistics and interactive maps at World Freedom Index 2015, find more details about the research and compare the countries indexes.