The percentage of gas supplied by Russia to European countries

The European Union is often being criticized for is indecisive behavior in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The tragic crash of the Malaysia Airlines plane MH17 which took the lives of 295 people was the last frontier of the patience towards the aggressive politics of the Kremlin in Ukraine. Although European authorities finally made up their minds upon the sanctions against the aggressor, they are not being taken seriously neither in Russia nor in the European society. The reason is that Russia is Europe's major gas supplier and, as you observe on the infographic above, for many countries it is the main energy source. 

At the same time the situation in Ukraine is escalating from day to day and Europe has to face numerous difficult decisions. Will the EU be able to sacrifice its economic interests for freedom and democracy? 

Will Europe find an alternative to Russian gas sources? Is the importance of Russian gas supplies overestimated?

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