In the current conflict in Ukraine, Russia has, to a point, relied heavily on the argument that a state has the right to help its ethnic minorities in other countries. 

The argument that Russian minorities could vote to join their motherland might leave a number of Eastern European countries with nervous ticks. 

As can be seen in this map, many of them are home to similar minorities - some even have a larger percentage of ethnic Russians than that found in Ukraine, and some of these minorities are already calling out, wanting to join what they consider the motherland.

For example, the Trans-Dniester region of Moldova has already offered itself to Russia. Abkhazia in Georgia exists in a sort of grey state, having declared independence from the rest of the country. Many people in the region hold Russian passports. A third of the population in Latvia and Estonia are Russian. 

The list goes on, and it seems to beg the question: where might Russia turn its attention to next? Are there other countries in Europe who need to fear a fate similar to what we have seen so far in Ukraine with parts of the country voting to join with Russia? 

What are your thoughts on the situation? What countries or regions might be interesting to Russia and why? 

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