OneEurope So many wishes!

Last weekend the team of OneEurope was giving out Free Hugs on the streets of Brussels. In addition to the great opportunity to hug some OneEuropeans, everyone had the chance to express their opinion on: "What would you do if you were leading the EU?"

We received so many replies which reveal what is important to Europeans and what needs to change. The results show that people hope for more data security, a solution to the Ukrainian crisis, cheaper education, lower prices for travelling around Europe, public health services available to everybody including immigrants, the opportunity to vote online, more European cultural events and no boundaries. The statement "One country for all", which we received in several languages, displays the growth of pro-European attitudes among citizens.

Now it is your turn, dear readers, to answer this question! So tell OneEurope what would YOU do if you were leading the EU?

Here is an especially heartwarming comment for the OneEurope team:

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