216 feet - that's how much the sea has risen. And this is what's left of Europe. 

This map, made by National Geographic, shows what the coastlines of our continent would look like if all the planet's ice on land melted and drained into the sea.

"There are more than five million cubic miles of ice on Earth, and some scientists say it would take more than 5,000 years to melt it all. If we continue adding carbon to the atmosphere, we’ll very likely create an ice-free planet, with an average temperature of perhaps 80 degrees Fahrenheit instead of the current 58," the magazine writes on its website.

The result for Europe would be a goodbye to Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium. Cities like Stockholm, Barcelona and London look like they would be the new versions of Venice (if they were lucky) while Venice itself would be completely submerged.

If you look at the map, then what is going to happen to your country if all the ice melted?

And is it a realistic scenario?