How equal are equal opportunities for men and women?

It's a question that lies at the core of the recently released Global Gender Gap Report, which seems to show a North-South divide for Europe's countries when it comes to equal opportunities for the sexes.

The eighth annual edition of the Report ranks 136 countries on their ability to close the gender gap in four key areas: economic participation and opportunity, political empowerment, health and survival, educational attainment, political participation and economic equality.

The global situation shows that Increased Political Participation has helped narrow the global gender gap in 2013  

The map here is an excerpt from the report, and focusses on Europe. It shows that there is still a big difference in the gender gap between European countries.

For example, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden Ireland, Denmark and Switzerland are all in the top ten when it comes to having the smallest gender gap in relation to equal opportunities.

On the other hand, Portugal ranks as 51st, Italy as 71st, and Greece and Albania come in at number 81st and 108th, respectively. You can find the entire list and an interactive map
based on the report here.

It seems to be an indication that even though things are getting better, there is still far to go.

Do you agree with the map? Does anything on it surprise you? And what can we do to bridge the gender gap in Europe?

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